Things you probably didn’t know about credit cards – but should.

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Although credit card interest rates are generally higher, a credit card debt can be short term and doesn’t necessarily mean interest charges - if you pay the balance you owe off in full each month. However some of us don’t use them like that. Here are some good reasons to rethink how you use them – or whether you use them at all.

Who owns your extra mortgage payments?

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According to a recent Household Financial Comfort Report more Australians are feeling strapped for cash and are being forced to dip into their savings to cover the rising cost of living. Perhaps you have been making additional mortgage payments to help you manage the ups and downs of life’s expenses and drawing on them when life gets tough or your circumstances change.

Energy costs… our greatest financial grief

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Average annual electricity bills in Australia hover around $1,600 per state, even hitting as high as almost $2,000 in South Australia. For example, a family of five’s average annual electricity bills can climb to as much as $2,576.28. Our varying Aussie climate coupled with a growing population places increased demand on energy use.

National housing trends

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CoreLogic is the leading provider of property data, analytics and related services to consumers, investors, real estate, mortgage, fnance, banking, building services, insurance, developers, wealth management and government. Whether you are an avid property investor or about to leap into home ownership for the frst time, you should be keeping a close keen eye on the property market.

Ease your investment property cashflow burden

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Whether you are a frst time property investor or a property portfolio owner, cash flow is critical. There are many ongoing, and sometimes surprising, costs associated with holding investment properties. Numerous unending costs include insurance, body corporate/strata fees, council and water rates, property management fees, land tax, maintenance and repairs.