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What is an alt doc home loan and how can it help me?

2018-12-03T10:59:30+10:00May 1st, 2019|Mortgages & Loans|

An alt documentation loan (alt doc) or a low documentation loan (low doc) are mortgages that can be taken out using different sorts of paperwork to the kind needed for a full documentation (full doc) loan. Self-employed borrowers, who can find it difficult to provide standard documentation as proof of [...]

The upsides and downsides of home loan debt consolidation

2018-12-03T10:54:23+10:00March 15th, 2019|General, Mortgages & Loans|

All your debts in one basket - Why home loan debt consolidation could be the right move. A lot of small debts can balloon into one big headache. A simple way to get things under control could be to refinance your home loan to consolidate debt. So – is it [...]

Self-employed and want a home loan? An Alt Doc Loan might be right for you

2018-12-03T10:49:47+10:00February 15th, 2019|Mortgages & Loans|

If you're self-employed or you own your own business, you’ll know all about the challenges of admin - keeping your accounts, finances and income flow all on track. It's not easy. The last thing you need is a ‘no’ on your home loan application because of the paperwork. But here's [...]

Is bad credit a total barrier to a home loan?

2018-12-03T10:49:22+10:00February 1st, 2019|Budget, Mortgages & Loans|

Your finances can get a bit out of control sometimes, for all sorts of reasons. Illness, divorce, redundancy – sometimes, just getting overwhelmed with things to do and accidentally missing a bill payment. The end result can be that you get put in the bad credit basket. Even if you [...]

Discharged from bankruptcy and wanting a home loan? You have options

2018-12-03T10:41:07+10:00January 15th, 2019|Budget, Mortgages & Loans|

There is hope. Recovering from bankruptcy can be a long and difficult process. And even when you’ve been discharged or completed a debt agreement, some lenders will automatically decline your application for a home loan because of the history. However, there is good news. Some lenders look at things a [...]